An Important Message about the Sanitary Sewers

The Bass Lake Conservancy District (District) would like to review a few items that impact our sanitary sewer system. The District has experienced inappropriate items being flushed into the system. This includes - but not limited to - diapers, depends, feminine products, Kleenex type tissues, cleansing & disinfecting wipes (including all wipes marked “flushable”), and paper towels.  The lift stations are unable to pump these items through the lines to the treatment plant.  As a result, pumps are clogged and damaged.

Please DO NOT dispose of any of above-mentioned items in the toilet. FLUSH ONLY TOILET PAPER AND HUMAN WASTE.  In many cases it is possible to identify where these items originate; and a homeowner may be held responsible for any damage/repairs to the pumping station as a result of this negligence.

If you have any questions please call the Bass Lake Conservancy District at 574-772-2974.  For emergencies only, call 574-806-1707.

The Board of the Bass Lake Conservancy District

Date Published: 2020-03-17 10:55:04