BLCD Lake Vegetation

BLCD Board members recently met with DNR officials to request a maintenance fee LARE (Lake and River Enhancement) grant for 2020. The grant would be used to treat lake vegetation. The DNR will pay 50% of our cost to treat the lake up to a maximum of the grant amount we receive. Any cost above will be 100% paid by the BLCD.

The DNR has taken the position that the lake requires more native vegetation to promote fish habitat and clearer water. Native vegetation tends to thrive when growing in the invasive vegetation, mainly the Eurasian Milfoil that seems to be abundant in Bass Lake. Therefore, the BLCD is anticipating a small acreage will be approved for treatment in 2020. Boaters, PWC operators, skiers and swimmers should make themselves aware of affected lake areas. The majority of the growth is in the South Basin of the lake (also the shallowest area). There is also a map on the BLCD website showing the results of the most recent Lake survey. The DNR will reassess the acreage for possible treatment in late Spring.

To be clear, the BLCD is only allowed to treat the invasive, not native, vegetation and only after a permit is approved by the DNR. Receiving a grant does not guarantee a permit will be issued. Individual homeowners are allowed to treat up to 625 sq. ft. in front of their property without having to obtain a permit from the DNR. Contact the BLCD office (574) 772-2974 for a list of approved chemicals that will not harm the lake. Note that Roundup is not an approved chemical to be used in the water! In addition, the BLCD request includes funding to treat shoreline invasive vegetation such as Phragmites and Purple Looseleaf.

Your BLCD will continue to update you on the lake vegetation concerns throughout the year.

Date Published: 2020-01-17 13:14:01